Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blogs Reviews (BBA 2 Summer 10)


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  2. hello ! i'm hassan sheikh from lse bba-2 section F
    the blog i liked is made by BBA IV (SEC:D) group members who made this blog are
    1-Batool Mohsin
    2-Sana Abdul Sattar

    This blog gives you the guidelines, reviews and latest news in the happening world of the Pakistani drama industry.
    its a very helpful to encourage our viewers to watch pakistani drama serials instead of star plus and other indian channels.

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    this blog gives information about the local dramas that are on at various tv.channels. this also gives small reviews about the whole drama which enables the viewer to learn about the PLOT of the whole drama.
    the negative point of this was that the reviews were pasted from various sites hence very little input has been inserted by the blog administrator.

    Hammad Altaf Mufti
    Section F

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  6. The blog that I find the best amongst all of the blogs provided on this website is the one created by Kamil, Omar, Umer, Zubair and Bilal, by the name of "The Entourage". I find it better than the rest of the blogs because the purpose of the blog is to provide a platform for people of different interests to share their thoughts and raise their voice on different topics as well as sharing what the blog-makers think, and to materialize their thoughts. This blog caters to the people of different interests and facets. The blog contains material like health and fitness, book review, cricket controversy and etc. The layout of the blog is eye-catching as well. Although, I feel that this blog lacked the visual elements like picyures to add to itself.

    Aiman Adnan
    BBA-II F


    this is one of the best blogs on the website of lahore school. this blog initially introduces the concept of zionism to its readers as mostly people have no idea about it. then it tells the various sects of zionism,their religious affairs etc.
    Although i liked the whole article but 1 thing that i found which was not available in the topic was the limitations of zionism on Holocaust which should have been added

    Saad shams
    Bba II F
    webdesign assignment

  8. The blog of wake up pakistan in my opinion is very powerful. It highlights the sufferings of our country. It encourages our youth to speak up and raise our voice to make Pakistan a better place. We are the future of Pakistan and it is time we stood up for our country. This blog highlights the crisis that are being faced by us and the ideology of Pakistan. If more and more people felt so enthusiatically and voiced thier views, we will be able to bring a change for the better.

    Amur Nadeem

  9. i liked the blog named MaXx-ReV. Here is its link:

    Personally i liked the blog very much because it
    about cars and i LOVE cars. it gives info. and pics
    about some cars but i think more pictures should have been
    added.It also compares the race cars of Lahore, Islamabad
    and Karachi. Video trailer of Fast And Furious is also included. the blog creators have also made a pod cast.
    i liked the information about how car colour reflects your
    personality. The 8 precautions while driving are also very helpful. OVERALL CONTENT WISE AVERY NICE BLOG BUT DESIGN COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER.. !!


  10. The blog that most caught my attention was terrorism affecting pakistan. The blog incorporates all the relevant information and displays the sectors and institutions that have been affected by it. The blog catches the attention of reader by displaying the pictures that reveals the sad situation in which the country has been enveloped. the only problem is that traces of plagarism can be observed.
    Mehroo Malik
    Sec f

  11. The blog of stoned art is simply amazing!. Even though they have copy pasted some articles and have written some of their own ones, it is very captivating and has sparked my interest. The articles about stoners around the world and taking a very comical sense of humour about shakespeare is a witty and indulging to say the least. I think its a very original and a creative blog in most respects and i would give it 10 out of 10 if it were to be rated. The layout is simple which adds to the sattirical sense of humor of the blog.


  12. i liked the blog made about domestic violence. its one of the highlighted issues all round the world. they have gathered sufficient information about the topic n have posted pitures from all round the world of people of various age and classes being victamised something that would have added more to keep the viewers intrest and appreciation going is videos that would add on to the information gathered as whole its a good piece of work!!
    muhammad hamza mehmood
    sec f bba 2

  13. i m qasim khan
    i think wakeup pakistan is a really good idea because the kind of situation pakistan is going through it will be really usefull

  14. In Blog of social issues of Pakistan different issues are discussed now, considering causes of poverty in pakistan written by Atique Ahmed he describes about the major causes of poverty to which i agree that political unstability,bad governance are the major factors of poverty. currently rich is becoming richer and poor is becoming poorer
    SEC F

  15. i like the blog 'wake up lahore' posted by mehr saqib and group.
    i think it is a good idea to bring a revolution in pakistani youth and make them aware about the situation around them. we really need to come up with such events very often so that our youth gets more focused about such facts. over all a very good effort.
    Sana Mushtaq

  16. I personally like the blog it problems of pakistan and pakistani youth are discussed..i agree..but i must say that positive side of pakistan should also be highlighted..apart from problems..we are also enjoying many facilities in this country...
    FAIZA RAUF SEC F.. thanx..

  17. the blog which i found best is a blog written by students of section J. They have picked different current social issues faced by pakistani coutries of pkistan such as increase in suicide attempts, women education , causes of poverty etc. What i really apprecitae is the suggestions or recommendations given by the writers. thiugh there is still some space of more issues that can be highlighted such as increasing rate of kidnapping, terrorism and political instability. But i still i think they did a good job overall.
    Sarah Ahmad
    Sec F

  18. Ali Ahmed - Sec F
    The blog "Terrorism affecting Pakistan" is a very good blog has good articles written in it. As it covers the all major attacks that affected the security,tourism industry, economy and the most majorly the image of Pakistan. Articles like Attack on GHQ has a good but incomplete information means it is not expressed in proper way. Srilanka team attack article is precise and good.but some info is incomplete doesnt tells the whole story. The information provided is overall good & interesting.As it talks about the mental stress and tension then tourism and hotel industry in Pakistan.
    Ali Ahmed - Sec F

  19. i totally agree to the comment posted above. HUM TV is giving the oppurtunity to the veiwers to have a look at the realities of life, they have a variety of serials, each has a different story line with the most remarkable and very well talented people performing in them. Pakistan's drama industry has grown a lot and it has become alot more popular. The Screening of serials depicts reality not as if its acted. Serials invloves all the arising issues in the society like serial on suiside bombers, divorce issues zand the conscequennces thorugh which the childen suffer after the separation of parents, and about the activites of the youth. Hum TV serials provide alot of entertainment and awareness.

    alisha jamil section f


    i like the real face of lahore blog,it is a very well made blog basically it is all about "The real lahore"the Walled city boasts many attractions. Amongst the popular ones are the Lahore fort, the Badshahi Masjid, Wazir Khan Mosque Data Durbar Complex and a few Havelies,All information on these places are given in detail along with different pictures.

    Usman gulsher awan sec F

  21. Hello !!! my name is M Asad Manzoor =P
    The blog that caught my attention was the suicide attempts in pakistan .

    This blog highlights the crisis that are being faced by us and the idealogy of pakistan .I think the reason that this blog caught my attention was the topic itself .Some people may think that the blog has no particular interest but i really liked it . Its time we should create awareness against it and hope for a better tommorow .

  22. The blog Rocking Lahore was found to be the most interesting one among the rest as they have pointed out the problems faced by our upcoming underground bands which dont get a platform to get to be known among people, the intersting thing was that they have put down all the bands which exist these days and each member of that group and all the happenings or the performances that would take place in future because such bands dont get the fair representation they need to flourish so they just rise and then get dissolved with time!

    Srosh Hassan
    sec F

  23. The most eye catching blog which seemed to me is based on the fact what our country is going through right now. The data provided there is very much valid and has given an overall view that in what political turmoil the country is going through. They've also higlighted a number of problems that every other person is facing.
    From the day of independence to the current date Pakistan has always suffered interms of political instablility and undoubtedly has faced a number of setbacks.
    So the overall information provided there was appopriate and convincing.

    Nashmia Tajik
    Section F

  24. I like paskistan media blog because this group did a good effort to make this blog.The theme and content of the blog is v good and the group also highlighted some of the major issues of media downfall in pakistan.The layout of the blog is also v attractive.
    SEC F
    BBA 2

  25. i liked the topic of blog "terrorism affecting pakistan". this is the hot topic these days. terrorism has badly affected considering the content of the blog it was based on facts and figures related to different attacks on institutions of pakistan.there was no such articles which could explain affects of terrorism on the economical conditions and culture of pakistan. and the affects of terrorism on the security of pakistan.

    anum asif
    sec f

  26. Fair and Lovely ad
    I totally agree with the comment posted under this ad since it is completely unethical to dicrimintae women on the basis of color rather than their intellectual abitlities. The concept potrayed in the TVC of fair and lovely clearly points out that dark skinned people cannot be successful compared to the people with the fair complextion. The idea implied that only fair complexion gives you the path to success is completely wrong!

    Ayesha Khalid
    Section F

  27. shezan twist print ad
    The comment posted under this heading seems to be very relevant since women are being used as objects of representation and nothin more. The optimum amount of decency needed to run a "juice" commercial is totally absent in this ad. Apart from that, this commercial has not cleared its target audiance at all so the audiance remained confused!:P And as far as the blog itself is concerned, it seems to be a good critism over this trashy ad!:)
    Sara Ali
    Section F

  28. Hi i'm hassan sheikh
    i'm posting comment on "VALENTINESSPECIALDAY"
    Kamil Murad
    Qasim Ali
    Saad Hashmi

    firstly i would like to say that this blog covers a different topic area as compare to other blogs and they have covered almost every aspect of the topic they have selected, valentines day.
    the positive aspects of this blog are the creative ideas they have discussed. like giving flowers etc.
    they have also discussed the effects of valentines effect on chocolate manufacturers...
    what i beleive is that love has no boundries and celebrating valentine's day is not wastage of money. we in our daily life routine spend alot of money on unuseful stuff. so if we spend some money to give gifts to our love ones is not wastage of money. what i beleive is that relations matter much more than the value of money in life....
    the negitive aspect of this blog is that its not made as attractive to support the topic theme. if some heart pictures and colorful baloons were added this blog would have been much more interesting...

    The blog i found the most interesting one is "movieeye". Because in this blog accurate analysis of some hit movies are given like "shawshank redumption" and 'shutter island'. these movies are critically analyzed. the only problem i found is that there is too much information is given on the m ovies, and the author has even mentioned the minor details. i think these reviews should be precise to grab readers attraction.
    SEC F

  30. The blog that caught my attention was the Entourage blog created by Kamil, Omar, Umer, Zubair and Bilal. The reason that I enjoyed this blog was beacuse it was simple and dicussed different topics and issues. I paticularly liked the Kite Runner review as I have read the book and it is infact one of my favourite books. Apart from that other posts incluced in the blog are interesting aswell as entertaining.However some people may think that the blog as has no paticular interest or theme rather it is just a forum of ideas and you would have to make an effort to SEARCH your interest in the blog.
    Sana Tahir Khan
    BBA 2 Sec F

  31. I have been visiting various blogs for my MBA research paper assignment. I have found your blog to be quite useful. Keep updating your blog with valuable information... Regards