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Life at Lahore School Of Economics

When i got the letter stating that i had been enrolled in the Lahore School of Economics, I thought i was the luckiest person on the face of this earth. As I began my first semester I actually realized that Business studies aren't that simple. Studing courses which I had never heard of before and having limited time to understand and learn the jist, was truely a hard task

Moving to the Burkee campus, we saw a lot of changes taking place. A much bigger campus, A large variety of learning facilities, a more stricter and more school format oreintation regarding how to live and work within the university parameters, opportunites towards various extra cirricular activities and more places to sit and relax and work in solice.

Lahore School Of economics provided me the basis to brush my presentation skills as well as boost my confidence, but at the same time it shattered my good expectations and mental prestiege of beeing known as a LSE student by bombarding me with courses meant only to be mugged, and rata'd, by posing rules which were so de motivating, that at times I didnot feel even like comming to university. Bans on advertisment, faulty planning, no access to any real events, and major shift of funds to debating society which in turn covered the nieche of the university, all are truely a sad facts and present grim picture of a university which claims it's one of the best in Pakistan.
I barely know any student who actually says i like and enjoy my LSE life and that I really beilive tha there is learning and practical understanding of the business beeing taught at LSE. With some exceptions and some few entertainment places left in LSE, it truely seems as if were in class one and two and are reliving our school life.
But I certainly cannot omit the advantage LSE has given me in the practical world. Thanx to DR.SHAHID i got re-enrolled back into LSE without any problem after a long 2 years frozen semester break, I got to be a part in writing a university journal with Sir Iqbal(marketing,SME teacher), I got to meet some new people and make loads of friends. One thing which does motivate me every day is my friends and the environment LSE provides.

I truely belive that LSE is certainly loosing it's charisma day by day by comming up with harsher and harsher university policies but at the same time when my friends are with me and I have some great teachers to learn from, it all weighs out.

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